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Picket Fence Maintenance

Maintenance on any kind of fence is important if you want it to last a long time.  If you have a picket fence there are things you can do, as pointed out in the article below, that will keep it looking great and doing its job for as long as possible.  Check out the tips […]

Automatic Gate Openers

If you choose to have an automatic gate installed on your property you have to think about entry accessories and the kind you want.  There are different types of gate openers, and with advancing technology, there are even ways to open gates with your phone.  Learn about the different gate openers in the article below […]

Vinyl Fence Positives and Negatives

If you have been on the fence (pun intended) about installing a classic looking, new vinyl fence this spring but want more information, then this article will be worth the read!  Much like any other fence material, there are pros and cons to vinyl fencing for various scenarios.  Read the pros and cons described in […]

Decorating Your Fence

Fences can easily blend in to your outdoor space.  A lot of people want their yards to look great and inviting so they add decor to a fence or that compliments the fence.  If you have been thinking about doing this this spring to enjoy in the warmer months use the ideas in the article […]

A Facelift for Wooden Gates

If you have a gate as a part of your wooden fence it might require more maintenance than the rest of the fence because it has more components.  There are tips in the article below from doityourself.com that can guide you through fixing worn down parts of the gate.  Read on if you need this […]

Keep Your Wooden Fence Looking Great

With time, wooden fences can wear down with exposure to the elements.  The good news is that there are easy tasks you can do to improve the appearance and structure of the fence.  Read the article below from doityourself.com to learn more about this. Wood Fence Maintenance A wood fence is a great way to keep your […]

Snow Fences

There is another kind of fence you have probably seen throughout the winter that serves a pretty important purpose. They are called a snow fences, and they are sometimes bright orange. They stop snow from blowing into areas where it could be hazard. Snow fences can be purchased at most hardware and home supply stores […]

Ornamental Fences 101

Ornamental and custom fences are something we love to design. They can be unique to the homeowner’s style and the architecture of the house. With the individual aspects each fence has, you have a lot of decisions to make regarding material, size, and design. This article will get your wheels turning if you have wanted […]

Information on Underground Fences

Some people choose to install invisible or underground fences on their property if they have pets.  There are some advantages  like security for your pets without a fence blocking sight of your yard or house. If you want to learn about underground fences the article below will give you a ton of information. Underground Fence […]

Temporary Fixes for your Wooden Fence

If your wooden fence is in need of a quick repair to keep it intact you can try one of the five solutions in this article.  Make note, however, that these can only be temporary fixes and a professional should repair the damage when time allows.  5 Emergency Fence Repair Tips For Wooden Fences By […]