Spicing Up Your Stairs

Did you know we also build and install custom staircases? This article is a fun read on how to customize or liven up your stairs by yourself. It suggests painting designs, adding fabric, attaching wallpaper, painting the spindles, and more! If you don’t have the budget to get a new staircase just yet, these simple and inexpensive methods can work in the meantime!

As the Content Editor for Porch.com, Mady writes about interior design and decorating, home remodeling, and loves scouring Pinterest for the best DIY projects. You can find her work on ForbesLife, PopSugar, Huffington Post, Money, Seattl… Do you have stairs in your home that could use a fresh look? Make a statement with your stairs by dressing them up with bright colors, patterns and fun designs.

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Source: http://www.topix.com/home/remodeling/2016/08/5-ways-to-give-your-stairway-style-a-real-step-up?fromrss=1

Feel secure at home

Turn on the news at any given moment and you will see why investing in home security is always a good idea. It is, as the common adage stages, always better to be safe rather than sorry. A security fence can keep your family safe from intruders, critters, weathering and certain other bad scenarios. Here’s what factors you need to consider before investing in a security fence.

In Mexico, most residences are built like a compound with the house safely inside perimeter walls and security fences. This makes every square foot of space usable and safe for family life both in front and backyard. Today’s home invasion crimes make this idea a progressively more appealing option for those concerned for the safety of their family and possessions. However, building codes in many neighborhoods are very specific about the kind of security fencing allowed, its height and materials. But in the suburbs and rural regions where houses are on larger lots, often acreage, the ability to safely enclose all or part of the property is a highly appealing proposition.

Security Elements and TipsThere are two halves to a successful security fence. First is visually discouraging intruders through fence design and the addition of security signage. The other is strategies of fence design that makes it hard for intruders to go through, over or under. When both these factors are met, the fence will provide maximum security.

  • Focus on height as a deterrent. This is where commercial security fence panels can be helpful due to the typical six foot height limit of most residential fences.
  • Strong gates with bolted or welded hardware make sure this portal doesn’t become a weak link in perimeter fencing. Nuts should be welded on and bolt threads stripped to prevent nut removal. Maintain height and add technology such as cameras, lights and intercoms at this point to deter potential intruders
  • Scalability dictates how hard it is to climb over a fence. Fencing material or fabric that is not easy to gain a toe or hand hold is best. Anti-climb spikes, barbed wire and other fence-top deterrents restrict scalability and may provide height increases where codes are more limiting.
  • Strive for a “lethal look” with electrified fencing that stings when touched, but will kill, hurt or maim. Electric fence is a powerful deterrent, but may be as safe as traditional “hot wire” for livestock enclosures. Electric fence signage is a big part of making the most of this option.
  • Avoid solid fencing because it is easier to climb and makes it easier for intruders to hide behind while breaking in.

Security GatesA chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to fencing, there are many options to make gates the strongest link in the system. Often there are multiple gates in a perimeter security fence, so each should be considered in a hierarchy when it comes to security measures. Those used most often will benefit from modern upgrades that require electricity at the gate itself, which can be costly for long runs and here solar may prove the only viable option. Even then some climates aren’t well suited for year around solar driven systems.

Security Fence Accessories

  • Barb Wire Arms – 3 wire
  • Electric Wire
  • Security Camera
  • Motion Sensors
  • Barbed Wire
  • Intercom

Chad Hoover, owner of Hoover Fence understands this all too well. “Security of residential areas has become a high priority for property owners. Our system designers are also being asked more and more questions regarding lighting near gates, cameras, and other home automation equipment. There is a large selection of cost effective hardware and equipment to simply secure pedestrian and driveway gates. Start with high quality hardware which positively locks gates, doors, and windows. Remember the old cliché, “Keep the honest – honest”. Later you can get more elaborate after the simple items are secured.”

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Keeping critters away with a well placed fence

Deer are a gorgeous creature that unfortunately can do a lot of harm to the environment around them, including your yard. Especially if you own a lot of property, it can be hard to keep these creatures from devastating the landscape. Many advocate getting plants that deer do not like to eat but that is not a cure all for the situation. A fence is usually needed to really curb the issue.

Deer are at once beautiful and destructive. Where they exist in rural and suburban areas, they can devastate a landscape overnight. While there are so called deer-resistant plants, these will vary by region, and in times of little food deer will eat them too. Increasing populations of deer in some suburban areas has resulted in more aggressive food finding behavior which is why there can be some variations in just how high this fence must be to function properly during drought or exceptionally long winters.

There is a second way that deer can damage your landscape. Each year they rub the felt off new horns which can severely damage or even kill young trees and shrubs. Inevitably homeowners in deer country will be forced to come to terms with the deer problem if they want to enjoy a beautiful or productive landscape.

Some communities created to create a wildlife rich place to live prohibit deer fence, and in some cases, all fences to encourage an open range. It is important to determine if your neighborhood is under similar regulations before you put up a deer fence. Conservation agencies of the government may also have limitations set up around national parks, preserves and other managed wildlife habitat.

A good local landscape architect or site planner can help you better manage your landscape through specific design strategies. Those familiar with larger homesite design and local deer behavior are ingenious at devising ways to use deer fences so they are more limited and less visible. Remember, this fence is expensive to buy and install, and it must be maintained if aggressive hungry bucks decide to take it on with their antlers. A good strategy gets the job done for the least cost.

Certainly deer fencing can be built on a site-wide basis along the property boundaries, which is the most expensive option and also requires a deer-proof gate for your car to go in and out. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of a gated compound, focus first on the most plant oriented parts of the homesite such as a food garden or orchard.

Deer Fence DetailsDeer can jump straight up and over a six foot fence, so any barriers must be at least 8 feet tall. However, in areas with extreme pressure for food or overly large populations of deer, there may be individuals that can jump higher than the norm. This height of fence must be able to stand up to wind, winter storms and snowfall, which is what contributes to the expense. To lower materials costs there are some contractors installing electrified fencing like that used in livestock pens. These can be driven by solar powered units, but these too have their shortcomings and may be illegal in some communities.

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Pool Safety

One of the biggest reasons that many people invest in getting a fence is because they have a pool. If you have a pool, you are legally and morally obligated to build a fence around it to keep any accidents from happening, like young children falling into the pool. This doesn’t mean however that you have to sacrifice style for safety. Contact Western Fence Co. for any design, cost or miscellaneous questions pertaining to your fence needs.

A beautiful sparkling swimming pool is the crowning jewel of a well landscaped yard, but it can also be a dangerous amenity if not properly fenced. Designers struggle with this important safety element because no pool fence is ever attractive. This is a no-brainer in a home with children, but in an all adult community there can be great conflict over the necessity of a fence at all. Sure, there are ways to make them look better, to help them blend into the surroundings, but it’s never a good idea to skirt these codes due to the potential for life or death consequences.

Pool Safety Codes

The Building Officials and Code Administrators (B.O.C.A.) outline contains safety measures for swimming pool fences. Many communities have adopted these national standards in an effort to minimize and, hopefully, eliminate accidental drowning of children. However, there may be additional local regulations as well.

A skilled designer will assess your site and your lifestyle to determine the best way to provide swimming pool safety fence. There are three basic strategies:

Perimeter fence
The perimeter fence around the yard itself can serve as a pool safety fence only if it conforms to the height and gate requirements set by the safety code.

Interior fence
This fence encloses the pool area leaving the rest of the yard open to general use.

Removable fence
This fence can be entirely removed or only partially removed for a short time allowing full access to the pool. This is a great solution for parties when the house and pool can become one larger space. It also provides pool security while the children are young. Once they are old enough, it is removed and the code requirement is then met by the perimeter fence. This fence can be designed to be reinstalled at any time in the future when there is concern for children or pets having full access to the pool.

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Events in Salt Lake this weekend

Salt Lake City is such a beautiful place to live. It is a great place to raise a family and has a lot of wonderful activities for those of every age and personality to enjoy. No matter what your fancy, here are some really fun events coming up in Salt Lake.

Fun” means something different to everyone. For some, it’s exploring mountain trails. For others, it’s taking the kids to a hands-on science exhibit. And for others, it’s live music and beer. Salt Lake’s event calendar is bursting at the seams with fun stuff for every inclination, every day and night of the week.

A Beautiful Planet 3D

  • June 17, 2016 to June 23, 2016 (Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Presented By: Clark Planetarium
  • Venue: Clark Planetarium Orbital ATK IMAX Theatre
  • Admission: $9/Adults, Teens, Seniors, $7/Children 12 and Under
  • Category: Film & Video

Children’s Matinee Series: Eastern Arts

  • June 23, 2016
  • Presented By: Murray City Cultural Arts
  • Venue: Murray Park
  • Admission: Free
  • Category: Live Music & Concerts


Hidden Hospitals

Holy White Hounds

Mixed Nuts

National Parks Adventure 3D

  • June 17, 2016 to June 23, 2016 (Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Presented By: Clark Planetarium
  • Venue: Clark Planetarium Orbital ATK IMAX Theatre
  • Admission: $9/Adults, Teens, Seniors, $7/Children 12 and Under
  • Visit Website
  • Category: Film & Video

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Electric fences are your friend

Western Fence Co is the oldest fence company in Salt Lake City, Utah but our merchandise and expertise are cutting edge and top of the line. Electric fences are a really great option for many different situations. Call us for additional information on our myriad of fencing options and what could work best for your unique situation. We have competitive pricing and installation services. Here’s some additional information on the electric fence option.

It takes awhile to become confident 
in electric fences, but it’s worth 
the effort, says a provincial 
beef extension specialist

Electric fencing is an effective grazing tool cattle producers should consider taking advantage of throughout the grazing season.

“The fence you put up doesn’t have to be permanent and expensive as electric fencing systems on the market today are very effective, mobile and easy to install,” said provincial beef extension specialist Andrea Hanson. “There are a number of companies in Alberta that sell electric fencing supplies. Some companies even provide a self-contained portable package deal with everything included.”

Cattle need to be trained to the electric fence.

“An electric fence is a psychological barrier, not a physical one,” said Hanson. “To an untrained cow, an electrical wire isn’t an impediment. However, once accustomed to the electric fence, some producers have even got away with putting up twine to direct cattle into holding yards.”

It takes a few days to get cattle used to an electric fence.

“One method to train the cattle is to put up a perimeter hot wire in a small pasture or paddock and allow the cattle to discover it on their own,” said Hanson. “Cattle react in one of two ways — they either jump forward or they back up. If they do jump forward they may break the wire if it’s made of polyethylene, so gather them back up and enclose them again; fix the fence; and allow them to challenge the fence for a second time. An animal testing the fence for a second time is usually prepared to back up.”

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Looking for another reason to install a fence?

BEARS. Bears are a great reason to install a fence…and a really tall one! As a few Colorado families found out that their fences (if they had them) were not quite tall enough as they woke to find a bear traipsing across their yard. Call Western Fence Company today. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them until it does.

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – A bear wandered through several yards and climbed back yard fences in Highlands Ranch Friday morning.

Alyssa and Jake Stevens sent pictures of the bear to Denver7.

The Stevens said they saw the bear in their back yard in the Westridge Village community in Highlands Ranch.

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Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing

There are no bad choices for fence material, it’s all a matter however of what suits your particular needs the most. Many of the different factors to consider are how much maintenance you would like to put into the fence, which aesthetic you appreciate more, the cost per foot of the material and how easy it is to repair the material, just to name a few. Here is a very basic pros and cons list of the two materials from Home Stratosphere. Read more at: http://bit.ly/1ehULXw

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.28.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.28.11 PM

Right to fashionable privacy

There’s something amazing about having privacy and tranquility in your home, tucked away from neighbors and the stress of the city. Home is meant to be a sanctuary for you and your family members. There are ways to get this desired privacy in a stylish way, through creative landscaping and fencing provided by Western Fence Company, the oldest and best fence company in the Salt Lake City area. Contact us for more information!

Depend on a Tall Fence

Decorative and useful hardscape pieces and plantings soften the lines of a towering fence.

  • Simple detailing, including a wide cap piece, breaks up an otherwise overwhelming facade on an extra-tall fence
  • Hung on the fence, a decorative latticework sculpture serves as an outdoor-ready, artistic element.
  • A low stone bench, with river rock collected on top and at the base, offers an additional seating spot.
  • Near the base of the fence, lights provide a safety element and ambience for nighttime gatherings.
  • Groundcover and a midheight tree soften the geometric lines of the paved seating area.

    Open Up for Privacy

    A stripped-down fence and airy plants offer subtle screening.

    • Two oversize urns planted with rhododendrons mark the transition from public face to private space.
    • The open latticework fence offers a discrete but unmistakable barrier; bright green paint and wood framing gives it distinctive character.
    • Double doors are a steadfast signal of a secluded area; the latticework details and wood inserts neatly complement the contrasting fence pieces.
    • Lacy, branching trees gracefully arch up and over the fence for a soft, protective canopy.
    • A wispy groundcover of sweet woodruff softens the space between gravel pathway and fence.

      • Use Lattice as a Screen

        A fence and carefully chosen plants insulate a side yard.

        • A clamoring vine — here, Boston ivy — softens hardscape edges and adds another layer of privacy.
        • A door is a distinctive, uninterrupted signal of a private space; fitted with a small section of latticework, it includes a decorative element that repeats the design in the fence.
        • While the fence’s woodwork signals a secluded landscape, the lattice’s open weave filters both sunlight and views.
        • Low-growing shrubs, such as a dwarf globe blue spruce, provide a way to maintain a year-round, softscape barrier.
        • A carefully chosen selection of plants and materials — river rock, patterned pavers, variegated hostas, black-eyed Susans — offers low-maintenance beauty.

Only pay for what you need

Fences do not have to be very complicated projects but they do involve slightly more prep work than many people realize and this sometimes makes it needlessly complicated and sometimes ridiculously expensive! Here are some factors that you should consider so that you can determine exactly what kind of fence you want. Western Fence Co is there to help you every step of the way. Contact us today.